Men: Start taking better care of yourselves!

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By:  Alfonse Muto, RPh President/Owner

I hate to say it, but your wife, sister, daughters, and mother are all right, our gender is stubborn! Men in their youth tend to have the feeling of invincibility. That “Superman” feeling often leads to stupid decisions with risky consequences:  excessive drinking, smoking, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and many others. The prevailing thought regarding those consequences is always “it will never happen to me”.

Unfortunately, oftentimes, the poor decisions continue into later ages in life in a different form.  Too often, middle aged and older men get into a pattern of reactive healthcare, only responding to health concerns as they pop up, rather than proactively taking an active stance on preventative measures to protect their bodies. Unfortunately, it often takes significant medical issues such as heart attacks or strokes to open their eyes, and by then, it’s too late. The years of poor lifestyle choices have already taken their toll, and the damage that has been done is difficult, if not impossible to repair.

Men of all ages need to develop habits that foster this preventative mentality to prevent the damage before it is done.  Balanced diets, regular exercise, limited alcohol consumption, and proper dietary supplementation are keys to ensuring we protect our bodies.

Stop in one of our stores today and ask us about some preventive things you could be doing to get back on track!