Pine Pharmacy offers a wide range of products and services including compounding, over-the-counter medications, quality vitamins and nutritional supplements, and the best service in the industry. It’s our commitment to your health and wellness that drives everything we do.

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Why choose Pine?

Compounding: applying science to YOUR health

Compounding: it’s all we do. We customize medications into a variety of dosage forms, strengths and flavors.

*Accreditation: peace of mind for you.

PCAB accreditation assures that our compounding pharmacy has been tested against the most rigorous pharmaceutical standards.

Best quality vitamins and supplements

They are keys to good health and quality of life! Benefit from professional guidance from our experts.

Visit our full line of products

Check out our exclusive lines of vitamins, supplements, skin care and beauty items…plus unique gifts!

Experience…with a family touch!

Pine Pharmacy is family owned…has been since 1985! And we boast over 100 years of combined pharmacy and compounding experience.

One-on-one consulting for men and women

As a compounding pharmacy, we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to health—especially WOMEN’S health. Contact us to meet at one of our locations.

PhytoMulti® 120 Tabs

PhytoMulti® 120 Tabs

Did you know? Pine Pharmacy standards for highest quality allow us to meet or exceed stringent testing requirements for pharmaceuticals?

Did you know? Migraine Formula is now MIGRA-MIX. Same great product with a new name.

Did you know? Pine Pharmacy’s return policy allows you to try supplements RISK-FREE?

Did you know? Your insurance Flex Card is accepted here at Pine Pharmacy? Many places say “no” to your Flex Card. Not here!

Did you know? For every $200 in Pine purchases, you earn a $20 Pine Pharmacy gift card to use on your next visit?

Did you know? The extensive research we conduct on all our brands gives our customers peace of mind? This research allows us to stand behind the quality of every brand we carry.

Did you know? We can make life easier for you with medications for your children? We can create tasty flavors in the strength they need and the for they’ll take!

Did you know? You can trust our Doctors of Pharmacy to know about drug interactions with vitamins and supplements? Our pharmacists are always on hand to answer your questions.