The Quality Difference

Your health, wellness and happiness is the reason we love what we do. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why we provide only the finest quality products from the best manufacturers. From vitamins and nutritional supplements to skin care products to over-the-counter medicines for you, your kids and your pets…we offer the products and expertise you can trust.

It is our mission to represent companies who produce high quality, safe and reliable dietary supplements. Based on our research, we proudly carry these top brands:

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Vitamins and nutritional supplements are found everywhere from a grocery store to giant online retailers. What makes our products different from the rest?

In a word, Quality.

For as long as we’ve offered vitamins and supplements, Pine Pharmacy has insisted on providing the highest quality products that have met the most stringent testing requirements.

Things to consider before purchasing supplements and making them part of your daily health regimen:

Vitamin and Supplements

Q. Does the retailer ensure that the raw materials used in the supplements they sell are tested with appropriate testing techniques to confirm their labeled identity?

Q. Does the retailer carry brands that are potency-tested to ensure the labeled strengths are accurate, and are those strengths present at sufficient levels to be clinically effective?

Q. Does the retailer do extensive research on the brands it carries and stand behind their quality?

Q. Does the retailer have a Doctor of Pharmacy on hand who can answer any questions about the supplement quality and/or any drug interactions?

Q. Does the retailer accept healthcare Flex Cards?

Q. Does the retailer have a return policy that allows you to try the vitamin risk-free?

Q. Does the retailer have the ability to compound individualized supplement mixtures at the prescription request of your physician?

At Pine Pharmacy, you can rest assured you’ll get the right answer. Ask a Pine Pharmacist to explain which vitamins and supplements may be right for you.